Backpatch: Supernatural not unnatural

Backpatch: Supernatural not unnatural


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Two color patch, glow in the dark white and uv black light reactive neon green.
This patch usually has some level of slight color offset because of its complicated nature.

Single color version is black vinyl on neon green denim

8x10in patch, handmade sew on or glue on with a raw edge

Discounted EXTREME offset patches A & B save some money and take these defective pieces off my hands

Looooove this patch! I was stupid and thought that the "ceaseless watcher, let your gaze yada yada" came with it, but I will totally be buying that to match as soon as the shop leaves vacation! It's gonna look ***sick*** on my leather jacket!!!

Awesome patch, friend was delighted

It came in great condition and it's really pretty ='3

After keeping this item in my favorites for some time, I finally bought it and was very pleased to see it exceed my expectations. It was shipped in a timely manner and I’m looking forward to applying it to a denim vest in the near future.