Patch: EYES

Patch: EYES


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Two color handmade patch, white glows in dark and the green is UV reactive under black light.
4x10.5in long skinny style patch perfect for flanking a back patch.
Patches are sew on or glue on with a raw edge.

The perfect birthday gift for an eldritch pal. :D Helps that these patches are pretty high quality, too, in addition to being the coolest.

High quality, fast shipping, great packaging :)

Beautiful packaging, and they sewed on like a charm despite going through leather (save for my own user error, which was very present.) I used the largest two on the elbows of my jacket because I was wearing through 'em, and they fit super well- they're a little smaller than I originally anticipated (the smallest is 1.3x1.5 inches at the widest points) but that was fine, it actually made the sewing a much easier job since they didn't curl around the sleeves much. I've yet to put them through any intensive activity, but so far they've been holding up great short of a little bit of fraying on the edges. I'm gonna put the remaining eyes on my denim jacket- they look great!