Patch: glow in dark floating eye

Patch: glow in dark floating eye


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4x6in patch, best for in between your shoulders or maybe wrapped around an arm.
Like all my eye patches it's neon green with glow in the dark white on 100% cotton bull denim.

Patches are sew on or glue on with a raw edge.

*please note I don't sell my ceaseless watcher patch, it was a one off I made for myself

Amazing design, fabric quality, & cuts. Not many Bible Accurate Angel patches exist, & I’m glad I’m blessed to have this product.✨

I love it so much thank you =3

This is one of my most fav spooky items I have ever owned. It is SO intricately detailed, I cannot imagine how long it took to design and make a patch like this! Gives me big biblically-accurate-TMA-cryptid vibes, and I am here for all of it. I included a picture of the glow in the dark effect on this review because I was so floored by how vivid it is! Overall highly recommend this patch.